Surge Protection with new demand for sophisticate electronic equipment

Technical Specification and Advantages


  1. AC DC MOS Protector is advanced Integrated Multi-Stage Surge Protector, consists of eight (8) protection stages that provide effective and reliable protection against surges and transients coupled with state-of-the-art EMI/RFI filtering;
  2. The AC DC MOS Protectors reduced surge events in excess of 99% at a single point;
  3. These protectors are expelling the need of other surge protectors in protection boundary zones LPZ0a/LPZ0b-LPZ3 & C-A according to IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2 is surge protector of class I+II+III in one device according to IEC61643; B+C+D according VDE 0675.
  4. Reducing TOTAL cost regarding efficiency, reliability, installation, space requirements and maintenance;
  5. Total Response Time (about 1ns) is accomplished with semiconductors of the HEXSA COOL MOSFET technology, with MOS Voltage Limiter (patented);
  6. Special design enables effective protection on locations where the grounding is poor or does not exist;
  7. The option for ground filtering made fundamental breakthrough and New approach to the surge protection philosophy;
  8. The AC DC MOS protectors provide a clean, multistage filtered power supply with a high grade of attenuation and current capability of up to 100A to all connected units.
  9. The design of the protectors is specially adapted for new demands in protection of switch mode power supplies in computers, servers, telecommunication and medical equipment including significantly more features and providing a higher level of performance;
  10. Those performances are achieved using New materials, New design and New approach of surge protection philosophy (Nano Crystalline core materials and semiconductors such as HEXSA COOL MOSFET-s);
  11. Special design of AC DC MOS Protectors can solve the problem of network and ground contamination during direct lightning strikes, successfully protecting electrical and electronic systems within structures (buildings). (This is most advanced effective concept for protection for Cellular sites, telecommunication equipment, computer equipment);