Surge Protection with new demand for sophisticate electronic equipment

New Innovate Multi-stage Surge Products for Sensitive Electronic equipment

ACDC DCAC is a leading, innovative company and manufacturing specialist in the field of Multi-Stage Surge protection.

With constant investment in research of new technologies and materials for Surge protection, ACDC DCAC company developed new advance innovative products for surge protection unique on the market.

The need of surge protections is growing rapidly. Newest generation of sophisticated electronic devices are more sensitive to electrostatic discharges and over-voltage spikes in power network supply. ACDC DCAC company has develop new Integrated Multi-stage Surge Protectors with higher level of technical performance and reliability compared to other surge products.

The concept of Eight (8) Stages Surge Protectors are exclusively original and unique on the market. The quality has been proved in many occasions, protecting highly sophisticated and sensitive equipment - which is new trend on market, due to the digitalization and computerization of all processes.

ACDC Surge products present a Multi-Stage Surge Protection composed of 8 (eight) surge protection stages. It is from class I + II + III according to standard IEC61643-1. He also meets the standards for protection of devices from electromagnetic (radio) interference IEC60939-2.The products have built in 5 (five) innovations (patents) under the numbers 900836, 900545, 903566 and 903567.