Surge Protection with new demand for sophisticate electronic equipment


What is AC DC MOS Protector?

AC DC MOS Protector is Multistage Surge Protector that attenuates (reduces in magnitude) high voltage spikes, short duration electrical power anomalies caused by utilities, atmospheric phenomena, or inductive load.

They are specially designed and recommended to protect, upgrade and improve functioning of low power devices like computers and other office equipment, up to large systems found In Telecom, Automation Control, Instrumentation, Solar Photovoltaic, Military and similar applications.

Where to installed AC DC MOS Protectors?

AC DC MOS protectors form Rail Din Series (Blue, Green and Red series) are typically installed at a utility service entrance, in main distribution boards or sub (switch) distribution boards to downstream loads. The surge protectors form Plug in series (Orange and Pink) are installed at the wall outlet protecting one or group of electronic devices.

How to install AC DC MOS Protector form Rail Din Series (Blue, Green or Red series): Series or Parallel?

The installation depends on maximum load connected per phase. If the load is <100A AC DC MOS Protector should be install in Series configurations, if the load is >100A the protector should be install in Parallel Configuration.

Which configuration (Series or Parallel) guarantees maximum surge protection?

Only Series configurations can guarantee maximal protection of electronic devices. If Parallel protection is applied it is recommended to use AC DC MOS Protector's in a series confIguration downstream to loads. The load should be <100A per phase for series configuration of AC DC MOS Protectors - Rail Din Series.

Did standard requirements (IEC 62305-4 &ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2) are satisfied with series installation of AC DC MOS protectors at the entry (MSB) of the building, protecting large group of electronic devices?

AC DC MOS Protector present multistage protection system with 8 (eight) protection stages in one device. With these performance protection is not just fill full but standard requirements are exceed it in many points.

Did AC DC MOS Protectors are suitable for home application?

This unique surge product is ideal for protection of home electronic devices and it is unique excellent choice. The other surge products which can be find on the market usually offer (parallel) protection for separate positions at different protection zones (LPZ0a/b-LPZ3 & C-A ). To fulfil surge protection standards (IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2) and reach optimum protection you must install surge protector in each protection zone which means few protectors on different places in your house.

For that purpose you must involve surge expert. The AC DC MOS Protectors are installing at the entry distribution board (switch board). It includes few protection stages in one unit and satisfied all standard requirement for maximal protection (No expert analyse is needed).

I have a flat in building and want to install surge AC DC MOS Protectors. What are the benefits?

AC DC MOS Protectors installation in your distribution board has many benefits. In building with many apartments surge pollution in network supply is much more obvious and comes from many different electronic devices that are connected in yours neighbours (apartments). Switching capacitors, combined with momentary short circuits and contact closures, have become a hazard for your home appliances and become common in building installation.

With installing AC DC MOS Protectors in your flat distribution board you will made isolation of your home power supply from common building power supply through high grade bidirectional filtering. AC DC MOS Protectors provides clean filtered energy to your home appliances.

The Usage of AC DC MOS Protectors presents life time invest-ment in the quality of your power supply. If the stages 2, 4 and 6 are out of function is not necessary to replace the unit. The stages 1, 3 and 7 are still in function and provide a high grade bi-directional filtering including ultimate (5-th) surge protections stage.

I met few products in local store that offer parallel surge protection for my apartment. What is the difference between them and AC DC MOS Protectors?

Installation of any surge protector in your apartment is a benefit. An important question is following:

Which benefits you will have and what you will need? Parallel protection installed in your switch board is not effective protection for all kind of surge impulses. (waveform of voltage spike). The problem is that efficiency of protection for your home appliances is smaller (for 40%) and it is due to nature of the parallel surge protection. With AC DC MOS Protectors investment in the quality of your power supply is excellent choice.

AC DC MOS Protectors have high grade bidirectional filtering and make isolation of your power supply to other users in the building. With this concept, efficiency and reliability of protections much higher and you can enjoy all benefits of your investment.

Did surge AC DC MOS Protectors are recommended for protection of office equipment?

The applications of AC DC MOS Protectors for protection of office equipment have many benefits. The office could be part of house or building. The protectors make isolation from other power network supply users and provide clean filtered energy to your office equipment.

AC DC MOS Protectors are solving the problem with pollution of network supply which comes from many different electronic devices connected at your neighbours (offices) or other electric devices. They have high grade bidirectional filtering and perform isolation of your office power supply from other users.

An important question can be raised? Did the end user need the knowledge of expert to install surge protectors with appropriate values on appropriate places?

Unfortunately the answer is: YES!

It is confusing to choose the right combination of surge protections on different places. Also the fact is that some of surge producers are exploited that situation.

AC DC MOS Protector - present multistage protection system with 8 (eight) protection stages in one device, expelling needs of usage of surge protectors in other protection boundary zones (LPZ0a/LPZ0b-LPZ3) and reduce surge current up to 99.9% in a single point.

The end user should not be an expert to achieve quality surge protection for his electrical devices. AC DC MOS Protector contents inside all necessary protection stages and it exceeds protection standards in many points. It is install at one places.

Using of an Integrated Multistage protection results in easy and simplified method of planning and installation of Surge protectors. The complex analyses and multitude of criteria defined in lightning protection standards (IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2 ) become the past. The final result is an easy guideline of definition of the type and place of install-ation of the surge protector.