Surge Protection with new demand for sophisticate electronic equipment

About AC DC MOS Protectors

About AC DC MOS ProtectorsAC DC MOS Protectors are advanced 8 (eight) stages Integrate Multistage a Surge protectors that provides effective and reliable protection against surges and transients along with state-of-the-art EMI/RFI filtering.

Ours new integrated protection designs are equipped with significantly more features and provide a higher level of performance.

The changes in our approach to the Surge protection industry include the following: Integrated suppressors in multistage protection system, New filtering designs and New diagnostics system.

Using the most recent accomplishments of the advanced Nano Crystalline core materials as filters and semiconductor HEXSA COOL MOSFET technology as suppressors beside already known surge technology we have developed and designed New generation of Integrate Series SURGE Protection devices with a higher grade of EMI/RFI filtering for application up to 100A with total response time of typically around 1ns.

Incorporating nano crystalline technology into a surge reduction filter has introduced a fundamental breakthrough in the overall design of the bi-directional filters. Nano crystalline core inductors, which are much smaller than non-saturating ferrite and air-core inductors, enable reduction of the dimensions and significant improvement of the final performances.

This combination of functions results in enhanced efficiency against transient over-voltages (low clamping voltage) and RF interference.

High current of capability, up to 100A, made these protectors ideal for industrial usage especially for sensitive equipment.

Using the solution of Integrate multi- stage surge protection system, significantly are REDUCED TOTAL COSTS for protection installation.

There is no need for additional stages of surge protectors (lightning zone boundary concept, LPZ0a/b - LPZ3 & C-A according to IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2) providing simplicity, easy installation, lower space requirement and maximum safety equally for high power industrial machines and sophisticated sensitive electronic equipment.

AC DC Series surge protectors have been developed specifically to care for critical locations of today's electrical equipment and nonstandard over-voltage conditions that may occur on sites with poor voltage regulation, or due to wiring or distribution faults including poor grounding.

Our products, manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, can offer safety covered by the latest state of the technology.